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This is Water

A really nice food for thought video because along with our wardrobes we must also expand our minds. Have a great Tuesday YMBL’rs

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YMBL ghost alert

This is how we roll

This is how we roll

Babieesss!! Something reallllyyy creepy happened. I woke up one more morning and was informed by a YMBL’r that my blog had been deleted. I was like whhhaaa whaaa. I got online and tried everything i could think of but he was right it was gone! Just gone. I cried, i beat my chest i worried about my YMBL’rs and how they would survive without my love but then i got it together and realized there is something called WordPress Support. To cut a desperately long story short i’m back. Has this ever happened to any other WordPress users? You wake one morning and lose all your content and have no idea why then after a few frustrating emails suddenly your blog is back like it never left you and nobody is explaining how why what when. Oohh that sounds creepily like ghosts of relationships past. Bro stick with me and lets move on from this. I have sooooo many great stories for you:-)

Happy to be back,


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Suit up for Summer

My major YMBLife alert is PCO! If you haven’t already been what are you waiting for??? Check it out! Delhi‘s worst kept secret, it’s speakeasy concept is perfect for when i get into my ‘NewYork return’ mood. 20’s prohibition style bars were my go to for stiff drinks and great conversation so imma happy i have PCO here!

What really makes it for me is YMBL’r of the week PCO partner Vaibhav Singh. This mixologist extraordinaire is serious about his summer suits, has his tailor on speed dial and is a great listener (number one skill to hone if you’re looking to move from owning your home bar to ruling your bar bar)! Stay tune for more of his style secrets or go there get a crazy cocktail tell him YMBL sent you and ask him yourself!

YMBL'r of the week - Vaibhav Singh

YMBL’r of the week – Vaibhav Singh


The look!

The look up close and personal

White linen shirt – check

Baby blue linen jacket – check – special mention, buttons. Don’t forget to pay attention to your buttons boys. These little babies can really elevate your look and add character to an otherwise regular jacket.

White chinos rolled up – check

Pocket square to wrap it all together – check

Braided brown belt – check

Brown loafers – check

Whisky in hand – check and double check – PCO + YMBL recommendation, try japanese whisky Hibiki on the rocks. You will NOT be disappointed!

All my fellas if you need help finding this look or creating a suave summer wardrobe for yourself leave me a comment or email me at ymblrevolution@gmail.com. Follow me on twitter @sashachhetri for more real time YMBLife updates and whiskey conversations!


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