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Magic Mondays: Metrosexual Meter


Imma noticing a lot of confusion regarding the term metrosexual. Let me break it down for you – First and most importantly, being metrosexual has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Coined by Mark Simpson, it is essentially a media and marketing buzzword used to identify a new crop of consumers that came about with rapid urbanization. In a Salon.com article entitled “Meet The Metrosexual” (July 2003), Simpson said, “old-fashioned (re)productive, repressed, unmoisturized masculinity was being given the pink slip by consumer capitalism. The stoic, self-denying, modest straight male didn’t shop enough — his role was to earn money for his wife to spend — so he had to be replaced by a new kind of man, one less certain of his identity and much more interested in his image… A man, in other words, who is an advertiser’s walking wet dream.”

The metrosexual man therefore has enough discretionary income to spend money on non-basics. So he’s in the know about the latest hairstyles, wears cool clothes and likes to have a variety of shoes for different occasions. He grooms, he likes to party, he flirts non-stop, he is cultured and will be interested in cinema, art, literature, he might even host better dinner parties than your average Twinkie Hostess. His lifestyle and exposure makes him intrinsically more sensitive because he acknowledges and is aware of differing perspectives. He is awesome and at YMBL we are mucho proud of our metros

So fellows next time you’re horrified that someone (it’s usually a girl) called you a metrosexual don’t be! And ladies pleassee stop saying you “don’t want to date a metro”, you clearly do not know what the word actually means. Metrosexuals are the present and the future of our consumer happy generation.  xoxo

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