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Magic Mondays: Sunglasses + Pout = heartmelt combination

Lets scream and shout

Lets scream and shout

And let it all out

And let it all out

I think pictures scream loud and proud in this case. But you knowww how i always have to say what i gotta say – Seeing as i received these from different YMBL’rs AaditO and Nipun7c i’m thinking this could be a real thing. You know how wearing sunglasses indoors was all the rage at one point and then it got really lame and only non YMBL’rs and Kanye West was doing it. I think its making a comeback. But NOT in a i’m-such-a-cool-guy kinda way but more of a i’m-so-comfortable-with-myself-that-i-can-make-fun-of-myself-trying-to-be-cool-and-actually-be-really-cool. Didja get it? Didja? YMBL’rs are so ahead of the curve that they add a twist to the trend and throw in the pout!

I’m loving the big picture. Hanging at a club, making peeps giggle at your silly but suave vibe. Instagram moment, throw on your shades make them giggle some more and then pout, this way everyone know its a bit of a joke/you’re so cool and comfy you don’t mind laughing at yourself/giving others a chance to have a good time at your expense – instant heartmelt and secretly EVERYONE loves a good pout. Lemme see you do it! Send me pictures at 🙂


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Who are you calling a Mama’s Boy?

Proud to be a mama's boy!

Proud to be a mama’s boy!

You bad boy, I’m calling you a mama’s boy! Todays the day boys to know that there is nothing emasculating about being close to your moms – if anyone says so tell them to talk to me. OR read this fantastic article by author of The mama’s boy myth Kate Stone Lombardi. An excerpt below!

Somehow, when so many of our other beliefs about the roles of men and women have been revolutionized, our view of the mother-son relationship has remained frozen in time. We’ve dramatically changed the way we raise our daughters, encouraging them to be assertive, play competitive sports and aim high in their educational and professional ambitions. We don’t fret about “masculinizing” our girls. As for daughters and their fathers, while a “mama’s boy” may be a reviled creature, people tend to look tolerantly on a “daddy’s girl.” A loving and supportive father is considered essential to a girl’s self-esteem. Fathers are encouraged to be involved in their daughters’ lives, whether it’s coaching their soccer teams or escorting their teenage girls to father-daughter dances. A father who flouts gender stereotypes and teaches his daughter a traditionally masculine task—say, rebuilding a car engine—is considered to be pretty cool. But a mother who does something comparable—like teaching her son to knit or even encouraging him to talk more openly about his feelings—is looked at with contempt. What is she trying to do to that boy?

There’s change in the air boys and girls let’s embrace it and shamelessly celebrate our moms today!

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A call to arms: Colored Chinos

Ok boys it’s time. If you haven’t gotten a pair or 10 of colored chinos yet DOOOOO IT! I mean, look below:


Bro even Van Heusen is doing it. This isn’t a trend anymore its mainstream. A common argument i hear is what will i wear this color with – have no fear YMBL is here.

If you’re a first timer i would start with Green! You will be super surprised at how many colors go with this earthy tone.


First thing to remember is green chinos work best with brown belt + brown loafer. See Polo Ralph Lauren ‘Hudson’ chinos here for INR7234.

My favourite: Blue and white striped shirt. This combination is PERFECT for summer. It’s easy, breezy and makes you look like that guy who can whip up yummy cocktails in seconds. Pictured above is a Lorenzo Uomo dress shirt for INR4601 here 

My casual: ANY madras check shirt with hints of yellow or green or both. I bet you have one in your closet right now thats begging to do the mambo with a pair of green chinos.

My not black or white basic: Grey chambray. This one is Topshop and is available here for INR3241

My step it up: Orange! Dare you.. ooohhhh

My veto: Red, unless its Christmas when everyones on vacay and doing what they want anyway, you’re confusing everybody. Stop,go,stop,go, what does he want exactly??

Now if you did take the plunge and you’re having trouble going beyond white and black shirts let me know on YMBL and i’ll be happy to help!

Go forth my handsome soldiers, arm yourselves with colored chinos and slay lesser beings with your stylesaber #YMBL

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The Great Gatsby Party

Since most of us have seen Ironman3 by now the next biggie is the Great Gatsby! As excited as i am to watch it i’m already wondering how many originals are going to have Great Gatsby themed parties! Guys we are gonna have so much fun with this! You can really elevate your style stature if you get it right. So who do you wanna go as?


Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby

Key: The three piece suit.

A great extra: A spiffy cane

Tom Buchanan

Tom Buchanan

Key piece: The double breasted waistcoat

A great extra: Bright striped tie

Nick Carraway

Nick Carraway

Key piece: Shawl collared cardigan

A great extra: Panama hat

Last but not the least

Last but not the least

And finally, the most important part, do NOT forget the HAIR. Super strong hold time. Cheers!

Dear hosts, please note, the weather has to be conducive to this theme! I suspect we will have plenty of time till that happens to gather our costumes. If you don’t have a BIGLOVE who will finance the entire costume from Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby collection be savvy YOUNGMONEY and check out Tailorman and ASOS.

Magic Mondays: Man Cleavage Etiquette

Photo courtesy @SamB

Photo courtesy @SamB

Good morning handsome! Todays Magic Monday topic is man cleavage. Accept it – it’s here to stay. I for one am all for it however eye candying would be a lot more comfortable if a few basic rules are followed.

Rule#1 – Don’t go deep V if you don’t work out.

I don’t think i need to explain this further. Just don’t.

Rule#2 – Evaluate your surroundings

You could be looking amazing but if its in the wrong place uh oh-uh no. For instance, if your job description does not include displaying cleavage don’t write it in. Less is more at work use your other assets to get ahead.

On the other hand, if you’re in a club, or its really late at a wedding and everyones drunk then it’s totally fine. More might bring you more in this case so go for it!

Rule#3 – Beware of unruly chest hair

Tiny tendril peeking out from under a shallow V is cute if you have the chutzpah to pull it off. Personally i recommend you shave to truly give this trend it’s due.

Rule#4 – Tapered fit, narrow silhouette

Cleavage looks best if your shirt is tapered at the waist and bottoms are skinny. Think dapper to avoid looking trashy.

Rule#5 – Own your cleavage

Flaunt it and be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t go all the way if you’re not entirely there yet, try easing into it, otherwise you’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Start by unbuttoning one or two of your shirt buttons a couple of nights. Then move onto a shallow V t-shirt  and then when you’re ready take the plunge. Its only boob, no pressure!

Thats it from me peeps. If you have anything to add/agree/disagree or want me to find you the perfect man cleavage tee leave me a comment and i’ll be happy to hunt them down for you!

A super special Thank You to my friends Sam and Aadit who inspired this post with their perfect man cleavage picture! 🙂

Shabby Chic Deconstructed via Menswear Trend Direction

I am deconstructing ‘shabby chic’, a trend that has picked up great momentum based on society’s move from the influence of technology and fast paced living to a more organic style that takes cues from Romanticism and Americana. Sharp edges are replaced by loose silhouettes and colours are natural wood, grey stone and stained berry. All images were taken from my Parsons professor Vilislava Petrova who did insightful research into mens trends and i picked these images because i found it interesting that while Shabby Chic is mostly directed towards feminine apparel and home decor there has been a definite trickle down to menswear. The major difference being a European twist to menswear while the trend has stayed Americana for women. I also picked menswear to describe this trend because the last time i spoke about it, it was with a man;-) So the next time you hear the term think old world, sanded down white cabinets to give a lived in feel while still staying relevant because timelessness and hand me down favourite pieces from the grandparents are oh so chic.

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