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World without strangers

This YMBL’r Shiv Burman was wearing a classic blue t-shirt that i didn’t pay much attention to initially but i noticed words embroidered on the sleeve and upon asking it said, ‘world without strangers’. My mind immediately started spinning with the possibilities. Sooo much BIGLOVE! I looked it up and it’s a Hong Kong based retail giant, Giordano movement, that they have incorporated as their loyalty rewards program. If you buy upwards of $300 you join their WorldWithoutStrangers rewards group and have multiple shopping benefits. I admit this got me a bit disenchanted with the whole thing. I was expecting maybe a HUGE ad campaign with gorgeous visuals, depiction of far flung cultures mashing together or an organization that reaches out to people and says i want to know you i want to understand you and help you. I almost didn’t write about it but then the three words wouldn’t leave me so i thought lets make this powerful. It’s so intrinsically part of YMBLife that i have to talk about it. No strangers, no judging, only accepting. Differences are good they keep life interesting and force you to learn more. Let people in, next time you’re out say HI to a new person. If they think you’re weird thats their problem don’t worry about it just do it. The one person who doesn’t think so and says hi back *priceless* Love you peeps! Spread the YMBL word and follow me on twitter/instagram/tumblr @sashachhetri to share your life with me. I wanna know whats going on with you!

YMBL'r Shiv Burman

YMBL’r Shiv Burman

YMBL is into style with meaning!

YMBL is into style with meaning!





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UPDATE! Find me Fridays: A blue leather jacket


Hey hey! Major update on my Find me Friday post where we discovered Hyena the awesome kickin it old school label. My Very fashion forward YMBL’r you will be happy to know that they will definitely custom make the same jacket for you. Creative head and sole owner (Laura’s brother Paul is no longer in the picture: family + business tsk tsk) of the label, Laura M, was super sweet and responded to allll my enquiries!

It will cost £275 upwards depending on if left plain or added stud work (you know we say studs alll the way). Email me at to find out deets on how to contact them or leave me a comment and i’ll get back to you!

While Hyena no longer has a store and is retailing online exclusively they have a LOT of exciting things in the works stay tuned to YMBL to find out more:-)

P.S – It’s ladies night in a lot of bars this Sunday (Raasta at Hauz Khas Village) get your swag on and go do your thing! Follow me on twitter @sashachhetri for more instant updates on where you should be celebrating your crazy YMBLife!

Find me Fridays: A blue leather jacket

This one is special folks! It’s got to be my favourite Find me Friday ever. One of my very fashion forward YMBL’rs and i had a conversation that went exactly like this.

Very fashion forward YMBL’r: So the video of Miami 2 Ibiza

Me: Ya the song?

Very fashion forward YMBL’r: Yea. The guy is wearing a blue leather jacket. I’ve been trying to find that jacket both in New York and London

Me: Ok cool you want a blue leather jacket?

Very fashion forward YMBL’r: No. I want THAT leather jacket. All the other blue leather jackets i’ve seen are crap.

Excellent! First step i youtube the shit out of the video

Next step freeze frame Tinie Tempah

Next step freeze frame Tinie Tempah

And finally my very fashion forward YMBL’r this super cool jacket was made by HYENA (thank you for making me discover them-this is why i love Find me Fridays!!). Their products are available at ASOS Marketplace here, and while this jacket is not available there, on your next trip to London, take some time out and go to their store in the Vintage Warehouse on Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham where they might custom make this exact jacket for you:-)

Run by brother and sister Laura and Paul McGregor this label is totally everything that we grew up with! 80’s, 90’s, pop, punk, rock LOVE it! Below are excerpts from an article by thisisnottingham

She says, “The jackets i rework are vintage leathers from the 1950’s to the 1980’s with a good structure and good quality. I saddle soap them then go crazy studding them by hand, then spray painting them with graffiti paint. i’ll roll about on the concrete floor to get the right effect.”

Why call it Hyena? Paul says: “Because we’re anti-fashion, yet we want you to spend money on what we create. We’re laughing because the jokes on us.”

You can find them on facebook here. I don’t know what it is about these guys but they’re really making me want to kick it off old school tonight. Yay Friday!!

If any of you have been looking for a product/look/anything that you’re having trouble finding. Email me at and i’ll find it for you:-)

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