Menswear is the unsung hero of the fashion industry. It is my absolute passion and this blog is my way of sharing my interest while telling my story through a lifestyle change that i see going on in India.

The biggest economic trend in India right now is YOUNG MONEY. The younger generation is earning faster, doing more, seeing more, has more places to spend than ever before – this is a huge social, cultural and economic shift in the society. Its compounded by the fact that the world gets smaller everyday. So having resources is not about showing off (nouveau riche is passe) its about exploring, learning new cultures, traveling, trying cuisines from around the world, sharing, exchanging and meeting new people. Our minds, lives and relationships are expanding everyday – the biggest social trend in India right now is BIG LOVE.

YOUNGMONEYBIGLOVE is a movement – join the revolution today!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved the blog! So fresh and so well written! kudos.



    • sashachhetri says:

      Thanks a lot Devina! Really appreciate the feedback its super encouraging definitely drop me line at ymblrevolution@gmail.com if you want to read about anything specifically or have been looking for a product for the fun guys in your life and haven;t found it yet:-)

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