Skinny on the Skinny

Photo courtesy @Samb

YMBL photo of the day @Samb

Hurrah! This is what i wanna see at my doorstep everyday. You know when you put on that suit and feel like Michael Douglas in Wall Street? Ya you do. It’s because of this moment in history, that you my friend, look the money.

In 2001 Dior Homme kicked up a storm by reviving a more body conscious silhouette. Spearheading this revolution was then creative director Hedi Slimane. His photo diary is super inspiring and just so cool – check it here!

Slimane’s unflinchingly skinny suits rocked the fashion industry and changed menswear forever. Karl Lagerfeld himself went on a much publicized diet and lost 100pounds to fit into Slimane’s designs! Imma so glad this happened *rub my hands with glee*. While Slimane did leave Dior and stopped designing for a while he’s back as creative head for YSL now so fellows you know where to look for the next big thing. My recommendation: get it tailored top to bottom. Samb got his from Burlington and another favorite of mine is Tailorman. If you have any favorites or recommendations on where to get suits tailored leave a comment! The information will be much appreciated by members of all sexes!


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