Shabby Chic Deconstructed via Menswear Trend Direction

I am deconstructing ‘shabby chic’, a trend that has picked up great momentum based on society’s move from the influence of technology and fast paced living to a more organic style that takes cues from Romanticism and Americana. Sharp edges are replaced by loose silhouettes and colours are natural wood, grey stone and stained berry. All images were taken from my Parsons professor Vilislava Petrova who did insightful research into mens trends and i picked these images because i found it interesting that while Shabby Chic is mostly directed towards feminine apparel and home decor there has been a definite trickle down to menswear. The major difference being a European twist to menswear while the trend has stayed Americana for women. I also picked menswear to describe this trend because the last time i spoke about it, it was with a man;-) So the next time you hear the term think old world, sanded down white cabinets to give a lived in feel while still staying relevant because timelessness and hand me down favourite pieces from the grandparents are oh so chic.


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